I’m the little adult!

AnishaAryal (Psychologist/Sr. Counselor)
१३ माघ २०७७, मंगलवार १६:१४

“Hey there! I am little adult, I might not be partofyour table talk where you discuss logical and abstract things about life but I still dine with you.”

I learn what I see. I can’t reach to your height physically, mentally, socially and emotionally but I can see what you do.

Once my momma said, “Baby don’t do it!” But I did because I wanted to do it. She dragged me to the corner and said “I asked you not to do it”, but she never said why (??) The first thing I learned was to cry and that’s my weapon but it’s you who is liable to introduce me to other weapons. It’s upon you which way as I said “I learn what I see”.

My existence and emotional development depends on the family or care givers – cooperation with family members. My ability to assess and deal with certain behaviors is intimately related to the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the cultural context within which you nurture me.The way I think, feel and act is the mutual effects of cultural and social behavioral exposure you introduced me to. Both an active and passive process, innate and unique your play is vital for my transformation.

DO I fit in???????

There are things beyond training and I have to learn adaptation but are you helping methrough training before I unlearn those??

I am curious, I tend to annoy you with number of questions sometime but can you annoy me back with answers to those? I understand the word circle but how do it look like, Can you tell me? I am less able to express myself in words but I hope you can see me (observe me) the way I can see you. My little feathers are stretching push me through the nest when you have to, hold me back when needed. Just don’t indulge observing me, I do it better, act because I need to learn.

AnishaAryal (Psychologist/Sr. Counselor)

SOS Children Village Nepal, Itahari

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